Friday, December 28, 2007

Orchard Cherry

Like most fruit woods, very hard with great color which is close to apple wood.

Black Walnut

One of the most popular furniture and cabinet woods. The wood is very stable after seasoning and has fine machining properties. It is used for high quality gunstocks and veneers.


A beautiful wood with a peach color and distinct grain.

Thorny or Honey Locust

A mixed blessing for farmers as the pods are good cattle feed but the thorns are hard on tractor tires! The wood is exceptionally durable and hard and used for fence posts. In the past it was used for pegs for log cabins, barns and electric line insulators. The contrasting colors draw me to this wood.

Monday, December 10, 2007


The Spring blossoms are a treat and the Fall fruit delicious. You will notice the wood is rich in color, dense and carves like no other. My favorite wood !
The letter opener at the bottom of the picture is made of wild plum.


There are at least five varieties of maple growing in North America. The color of the Sugar Maple in the Fall is most everyone’s favorite. Maple also gives us syrup, furniture, flooring and...shade. Commercial markets shy away from it’s mineral streaks but carvers and turners embrace them. Picture shows a maple spoon laying over two apple wood spoons.

Black or Wild Cherry

The largest member of the rose family in the U.S. The wood has a beautiful smooth grain and ranks second only to black walnut as a cabinet wood. The color continues to darken with age and exposure to light. It takes on a blood red color.